Wednesday, June 11, 2014

El Camino, Day 2

Day 2 (Wed June 4, 2014) Portomarin to Palas de Rei, 22 kilometers It’s just 10 euros a night to stay in the albergues, and this first one just had one big room with about 15 bunk beds. The man sleeping on the bed under Kathleen, next to me, snored sooooo much and soooo loud. But ironically it was the best night’s sleep I’d had in days, and Kathleen let me sleep until 8! I was worried we wouldn’t make the next town early enough to get a place to sleep, so asked the woman who worked there to recommend one in the next town. We phoned ahead and reserved our spots for that night. I’d hoped to walk with Patrick and Audra again, but they hadn’t slept well, so they’d left at 6am. Kathleen was excited when I got up, though, because she’d met a couple from Spain the night before, staying in our albergue (Alvaro and Amaya). They’re in their early/mid 20’s, and are college students, studying medicine. They both spoke English pretty well, but I was excited to get to talk with some Spaniards. We talked to them a little in the morning, but didn’t see them during our walk. But, when we got to our albergue that night in Palas de Rei, they were there! We went and got some snacks together, and all sat on the lawn and ate and chatted. Another friend, Angie, joined us too. She had started in France and was running the camino! I think it’s called “camino” for a reason, (it could also translate to "I walk") but whatever! :) Some of the pics in the previous post belong in today's. Oh, well!

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