Thursday, October 9, 2008

one month!

In honor of having spent one month in Russia (as of today), I’m listing some of my observations. These are tallies I have made around town (mostly on buses, in the subways and grocery stores). Only a few are exaggerated.
Pregnant Russian Women: 7
Russians wearing sweats, torn jeans, or yoga pants in public: 0
Russians with tattoos: 2 (and very small)
Russians with multiple piercings: 2
Russians with gold teeth: 800
Russian men with hard liquor in hand: 550
Couples kissing passionately in public: 684
Russians smoking: 100,000,000
Overweight Russians: 20
Russians in wheelchairs: 2
Russians who are mentally/physically handicapped (excluding those in wheelchairs): 0
Children in our school wearing Dolce and Gabbana apparel: 80%
Children wearing Burberry or Dior: 20%
People who consider deodorant optional: 980


Jamie P C said...

Nic, I loved that! I want to go to Russia so bad one of the places I've always dreamed of going to!

Anyway, glad everything is going well...check out our blog so that we can get Russia listed on our list of countries that have visited out site! :) Loves...and give our love to Lisa too! :)

Michal said...

my companions and i always kept count of how many pregnant women we saw because they were so rare. they do dress up, don't they?
ah, the gold teeth. we had an elder from our mission who had to have a golden crown right in the front of his mouth. he loved it and only finally had it changed just before he got married, at his mother's insistence!
where we were, most of the older women were overweight. but everyone walks there. they don't have the same kind of sedentary, indulgent society that we know and love!:)
i can't believe that your kids come dressed in such designer names. i'd love to get their mommys' hand-me-downs!

Candace said...

LOL!! Well dressed, gold-toothed, smelly, drinking, smoking, kissing people. Scary to think of what a Russian visitor to the U.S. would observe. Ha!