Thursday, September 18, 2008

more photos

The pictures posted about two posts ago are of us on our journey to church. There's one of us in front of some photos of very serious Russians, whom we were obviously impersonating. Then there are two of the metro. In one you can see how beautiful it is. The stations really looks like museums or churches. The last picture is of our house. That's actually where the director of the school lives. We live in his guest house which just looks like a part of that house. It's in the same courtyard. I'm adding here a picture of our school (just the very front of it--it's much bigger), our kitchen and dining room, and some of our kids. Enjoy!


Michal said...

i can't believe that's russia.

Jeff said...

Nicole-you're in Russia and you have a blog!!!!!! I am really into reading blogs now even though I never do anything on Jeff's and my blog. Keep writing-It is so interesting to see things in Russia through your eyes.

Wow, what about the 'Georgian' thing that Russia did?

We are doing well. 3rd year of teaching is much easier and more fun.

Diana is not finding any good nursing jobs in San Francisco still. She got offered a part time job as a school nurse in the mission district so her Spanish would get better and she is nannying.

Jesse has decided to stay in Austria through Dec. 12th. He is studying there at an excellent school and doing it all in German. He is taking latin but in German. So he has to try to figure out what they are saying about the Latin language in German and then translate the Latin into German. I think he could relate to your language struggles even though they are a different type.

love you

Jeff said...

OK Nicole, this is Susie Quebbeman and I just posted that last comment to you even though it says Jeff did. I forgot he had pulled up your blog on his account. So ignore the fact that this post will also say from Jeff.